Decline: Listen to the Opening Track from the Chicago Straight Edge Band’s Debut LP (PREMIERE)

It’s been a while since No Echo readers were treated to an update on Chicago straight edge band Decline, and in the meantime the group has been busy! 

As a quick refresher, Decline plays fast straight edge hardcore with personal and ideological roots in the Youth Crew revival of the 1990s. Theirs is an impassioned message of solidarity with the marginalized, rage fueled by the injustice perpetrated towards humans and animals, and growth through continual lifelong introspection. 

Initially formed in 2013, and solidifying their current lineup and trajectory in 2019, the band previously released their Own Your Words EP on New Age Records and the label will be releasing their debut LP, Broken, very soon.  

No Echo is psyched to premiere the opening track on the forthcoming album, "Deceived," for our readers today:

Speaking about the track, vocalist Matt had this to say: 

"‘Deceived’ was written in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd, when the world became privy to the brutality that's been commonly perpetrated against black and brown people for centuries. Yet what long term impact (has) really occurred? Where are the ‘allies’ who once filled the streets? 

"Instead, just two years later: ‘woke’ has become a derogatory term—something that reeks of a racist dog whistle; BLM leaders have been conveniently disgraced, undermining the power of the message; Critical Race Theory has been misrepresented as the great destroyer of young fragile Caucasian minds, influencing copious amounts of asinine white supremacist legislation across the country; and police departments have now obfuscated their dehumanization through forcing the narrative that society has digressed into a mix of a GTA V online lobby and The Purge

"Our society took one step forward and those in power knocked us five steps back.”


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If you like what you hear (and honestly, how could you not?), pre-orders for the new Broken LP go live on Wednesday, October 20th, over at NewAgeRecords.com

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