F**k You, Commercial, vol. 4 (2022)

At this point, it’d be quicker to tell you what Kevin Tit doesn’t do. Alas, the growing list of bonafides continues to expand.

The prolific musician, whose ever-expanding discography includes Pilau, Saffron, and Chill Parents, somehow finds time for myriad other projects.

Aside from co-hosting the popular podcast Up the Blunx, he manages to both write for The Hard Times and juggle multiple comedy projects well worth your attentive deep dive

One-man band, Fuck You, Commercial, is the sort of oddball shit that defies easy categorization, but I’ll give it a shot.

At times a collaboration between friends and, at others, solely the work of the Kevin Tit braintrust, the band’s series of EP’s is fucking wild. Partly inspired by FYP, a personal favorite of mine, the songs are thematically linked by incorporating old Hawaiian TV commercials stitched throughout the anarchic musical collage. With three EP’s already in the bag, the latest EP, vol. 4, is a quick tour through a gloriously unquiet mind. 

For posterity’s sake, the track list is “You Are What You Know," “Furikaki Taki," “Bumbai," and “Run ‘Em Again.” You won’t be quizzed, nor should you be expected to notice when the all-too-brief chaos transitions from one song to the next. I’m getting major TV Carnage vibes from the collection and, while the Todd Congeliere connection is apt, the music on display here is far heavier.

Somehow splitting the difference between the sneering wink of intentionally sloppy hardcore punk and the blastbeat offensive of Pilau, it bruises while keeping tongue firmly planted in cheek. Peep any song from the bizarro collection and you’ll likely know if it’s your bag or not. I can tell you this, though, it’s sure as shit mine. Again embodying the true spirit and ethos of DIY and punk, nothing is off the table here.

I needn’t belabor the point. Of the bands including punk polymath Kevin Tit, Fuck You, Commercial is the one that best represents the artist’s melange of interests. To quote the band’s aforementioned influence, “Wherever the creeps go at night, I’ll be there with my fork and knife.” In this case, said freak is Tit, and the one greedily gobbling it all up is me. 

This one’s for the weirdos. Rejoice, friends, and grab it on Bandcamp

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