BarbarianTX: El Paso Band Celebrates ‘90s-Styled Metallic Hardcore on New Album

Photo: Jon-Carlo Diaz

Formed in 2009, BarbarianTX is a metallic hardcore band made up of musicians from the El Paso music scene.

"[Guitarist] Ruben [Meza] and [bassist] Hector [Meza] came from a metal band, [drummer] Andy and I coming from two different melodic hardcore bands," BarbarianTX vocalist Thomas Acosta told No Echo via email a few days ago. "We wanted something more aggressive and raw. So we formed Barbarian in hopes of bringing a vision to life."

Thomas showed love for some of BarbarianTX's collective influences: "I will say that Sworn Enemy, Merauder, Bitter End, and Poison the Well had a very big impact on writing this album. We wanted it to be an evolution of the band, something that broke us out of our original mold."

The combo definitely achieved their goal, and the proof lies in their aforementioned album, As It Is In Heaven:

"The lyrics on this album are based on society, self conflict, hatred, realizing how messed up this world really is, and wanting it all to end. It's about being stuck on a world that doesn't really give a shit whether you live or die. It's about creating your own reality with what you’ve been given. If heaven is a place on Earth, then why does this all feel like hell?"


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No Echo asked Thomas to tell us about the hardcore scene in their region in Texas, and some other bands that deserve some attention. "El Paso is a hidden gem hours away from another big city and great in a sense that everyone really cares and supports each other.

"As far as how many kids go to shows, well on a good day you are looking at a good 50. I will never say that the scene here sucks because without it we wouldn't exist. Bands to lookout for from around our ways are Sabrewulf, Know/Suffer, and Rotten Disgust."

As It Is In Heaven is out now on Bandcamp.

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