Our Favorite Hard Rock Moments in Alternative Rock/Grunge Songs, by Soul Blind

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No Echo's been a fan of Soul Blind ever since we first heard the band back in 2019.

Influenced by the grunge and catchier side of the shoegaze spectrum of the '90s, the Hudson Valley, NY-based quartet is now part of the Other People Records roster, and they're about to release a 3-track banger of an EP called Third Chain.

Recorded with Jon Markson and Adam Cichocki, the music video for the EP's title track can be seen/heard below:

In addition to Third Chain, Soul Blind recently did a run of dates with Modern Color, and they're gearing up for a tour with Long Island's Koyo (dates at bottom of this article).

With the EP arriving later this week, No Echo asked the guys in Soul Blind for a list featuring some of their musical influences. We were psyched when the band came back with their following list: Favorite Hard Rock Moments in Alternative Rock/Grunge Songs


Smashing Pumpkins, "X.Y.U." (1995)

"This is one of my favorite Pumpkins songs and I feel like it doesn’t get enough credit. Every accompaniment from the vocals to the drums is complete chaos for seven minutes straight. Particularly opening the song with the drums accenting on the guitar riff is so cool to me. They would sometimes close out the Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness tour with it and it’s one of the craziest live Smashing Pumpkins performances to watch. Go look it up." —Steve (drums)

Far, "Quick" (1994)

"One of the heaviest riffs I’ve heard from a non-hardcore band. I’m always biased towards songs with good guitar tones as well and for 1994, this record (Quick) has an insane crunch to It. The verses have those fast chord changes that remind me of your favorite hardcore band. Very underrated record and one of my favorite '90s bands." —Justin (guitar)

Hum, "Iron Clad Lou" (1993)

"It’s something about the somber intro to this song and how it contrasts with the insane opening riff that hits so hard. I couldn’t think of a better intro track from any other album in this time period. Sets the tone for the album and if you aren’t constantly head banging through the whole song there’s something wrong with you. I think I love Electra2000 the most simply because of the riffs in 'Iron Clad Lou.'" —Cen (bass/vocals)

Alice In Chains, "It Ain't Like That" (1990)

"Although it’s one of the best songs on Facelift, I think it’s slept on today. The opening riff is so simple, yet so heavy and catchy. Just keeps the same 2 riffs repeating throughout the entire the song. That kind of set the main template we use when writing songs in this style. This song proves to me time and time again that songwriting doesn’t need to be complicated." —Finn (guitar)

Helmet, "Tic" (1994)

"The empty spaces in the main intro riff that leave room for just drums and vocals make this song. The drums carry the hardest groove, the guitars are so heavy and the verses sound straight up evil. The constant chugging during the outro give it such a gloomy feel to end. It’s definitely a stand out track off the album." —Soul Blind


Third Chain will be out on September 17th via Other People Records.

Soul Blind on social media: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Tour dates with Koyo:
9/17/2021 - Poughkeepsie, NY @ APEX Studios w/ Restraining Order
9/18/2021 - North Haven, CT @ The Cockeyed Crow w/ Restraining Order + Rule Them All + End It
9/19/2021 - Oakdale, NY @ Shakers Pub
9/20/2021 - Philadelphia, PA @ The Fire w/ Webbed Wing
9/21/2021 - Greensboro, NC @ Gate City Garage
9/22/2021 - Columbia, SC @ New Brooklyn Tavern
9/23/2021 - Jacksonville, FL @ Archetype w/ Magnitude + Point Of Contact + Kharma
9/24/2021 - Brandon, FL @ Noisebox w/ Magnitude + Point Of Contact + Kharma
9/25/2021 - Tallahassee, FL @ The Bark w/ Magnitude + One Step Closer
9/26/2021 - Pensacola, FL @ American Legion w/ Magnitude + One Step Closer
9/27/2021 - Atlanta, GA @ The Dog House
9/28/2021 - Richmond, VA @ The Camel w/ One Step Closer 
10/09/2021 - Brooklyn, NY @ Gold Sounds w/  No Pressure, Koyo, Victory Garden, Charity 
10/30/2021 - New Haven, CT @ State House w/ Narrow Head + Waveform


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