Monochromatic Rainbows: Go on an Aural Dreamscape via Their Debut Seven Inch (PREMIERE)

The setting: a noise show featuring Vomir, Black Leather Jesus, and The Rita in New Brunswick, New Jersey. That's where the Monochromatic Rainbows story begins, right before the pandemic threw our world into a tailspin.

That fateful evening found Dustin Fosnocht (noise) and Kyle Nagle (production) meeting for the first time and eventually working together in new musical project, combining the ambient noise of the former’s project, Chasing Ghosts, and continuing the latter's adventerous songwriting (see Grave Blankets and K. Hamilton Nagle’s Circle album). 

Gina Oxenford (piano/vocals) was then welcomed into the fold via Fosnocht, and Nagle invited his longtime collaborator, Steve Wiegand (guitar), to join them. Some No Echo readers might know the duo from their work in Grave Blankets, We Chose Forever, Penny Sparkle, and Hold Down The Ocean.

Naming themselves Monochromatic Rainbows, the group adopted a musique concrete songwriting style, where the entire ensemble experiments (tape loops, field recordings, experimental ideas and intentions).

With an album called Ponder already in the can, the Pennsylvania-based quartet are set to drop their debut release, a lathe cut 7-inch this Friday (January 13th) and No Echo has the early jump of the record for you streaming below:

Here's what Monochromatic Rainbows sent about the record:

"After wrapping up their album for Cacophonous Revival Recordings, Steve introduced what would become 'Agnosthesia.' The band went back and forth with the track, incorporating samples, tape loops and found sounds, only to realize that the more straightforward approach would serve the lyrical content: 'coming to terms with the fact that you are about to be completely honest with someone you love, on some level, knowing what you have to say to them could potentially destroy them, and your relationship,' says Kyle, who wrote the lyrics and shares vocals. 

"The B-side, "Anaphasia" is a continuation of the A side thematically, insomuch as it deals with the light we hold within ourselves, how it shines, who can see it and who we let see it. Monochromatic Rainbows hopes 'Anaphasia' can be an aid to those who seek to look inside themselves."

The "Agnosthesia/Anaphasia" single will be out on January 13th via Wish Fulfillment Recordings (digital/physical pre-order).

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