Time and Pressure: St. Louis HC Quintet Returns with “Between the World and You” (PREMIERE)

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No Echo has been championing Time and Pressure since they formed back in 2018 by dudes from such bands as Perfect People, New Lives, and Better Days. The St. Louis hardcore quintet loves to ride on the faster side of the tempo spectrum, but they're always in command of the dynamics in their songwriting.

Time and Pressure know how to pen effective hardcore songs, plain and simple.

Another huge supporter of the band has been Safe Inside Records (FAIM, Chemical Fix), and the San Diego-based label will be partnering with Time and Pressure to release their debut album, Halfway Down.

Recorded and Mixed by Andy Nelson at Bricktop Studios (Jesus Piece, True Love), the LP will arrive in stores next month, and No Echo has the jump on "Between the World and You," the 6th cut on the record:

"'Between the World and You' was the most difficult song for me to write," Time and Pressure vocalist Drew Maxey said to No Echo in an email. "I knew that it was a concept I wanted to discuss, but I didn't know exactly how to approach it. 

"The title comes from both the book Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates, and the Richard Wright poem of the same name. Both of those pieces are read in my classroom during the school's designated unit on race and racism in America. I wanted to comment on the absolute absurdity of having me, a white guy, teach my students (who are 99.% Black) about the evils of racism. That whole concept is backwards."

Photo: Gabe Becerra

Drew continued: "What came out is much more stream-of-consciousness than I'm used to writing. I borrowed lines and references from Coates' book to write the lyrics, spoken directly to my students, all about the lie of the American Dream, an idea that I consider to be highly damaging to the youth of this country, and to remind them that, despite what they've been told, they are the real future of this country, and they have the power to create real change."

Halfway Down will be out on all streaming outlets on July 30th via Safe Inside Records, and pre-orders for the vinyl will go live on the same day.

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