Ash Prison: Power Trio Create An Industrial Metal Hellscape on “Scorn” (PREMIERE)

Dealing out an especially abrasive strain of metal-kissed industrial, meet Ash Prison.

The trio was formed by Matt Auxier of electro-industrial act 6th Circle on guitars and electronics, bassist J. Thompson of darkwave cult Child Ov Night, and by vocalist M.Alagna of Abstracter, Somnolent and formerly of Atrament. 

As far as their stylistic approach, Ash Prison cite such bands as Skinny Puppy, Discharge, and Goflesh as prime influences. Sakevi Yokoyama (G.I.S.M.) and Attila Csihar (Mayhem) are both name-dropped as inspirations behind M.Alagna's nightmarish vocal approach. The combination of Ash Prison's cacophonous musicial arrangements (often utilizing harsh electronic flourishes) and the extreme vocals is match made in hell, and we're here for it.

With Ash Prison releasing their debut full-length album, Future Torn, next month, No Echo is helping to premiere a track from it called "Scorn":

Here's what Ash Prison said about the album:

"'Future Torn' unites various eras, decades, and interpretations of musical insurrectionism to create its own divergent idea of 'anarcho-punk,' post-industrial dystopia, and heavy metal destruction to soundtrack and instigate the rise of turmoil, riots, violence, and widespread destruction."

Future Torn will be out on September 22nd via Sentient Ruin Laboratories (pre-order).


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