Broken Record: Colorado Outfit Mines ‘90s Emo Sound on “Lens” (VIDEO PREMIERE)

Photo: Chris Carrera

I’ve been digging what Broken Record has been doing for some time now. I first wrote about the Colorado emo outfit in the spring of 2020 for the premiere of the video for their single “Time Warp."

The group returns with a new music video for “Lens," the second single from their debut LP, I Died Laughing, released via Snappy Little Numbers in 2020.

Directed by Mike Nagy of Mindplow, the band really leans into the era-specific visuals that made many of us fall in love with the sound in its earlier days. With a droning, hook-laden sound reminiscent of '90s emo staples Sunny Day Real Estate, The Promise Ring, etc, the new track is sure to resonate with fans of the genre.  

All the angst, film-fuzz and home movie footage you’d want in a video. I hope you dig the track as much as I do:

Frontwoman Lauren Beecher opens up about the inspiration for the song, “For me, 'Lens' is about how people can still mean a lot to you even if you’ve drifted apart or are drifting apart, and about being frustrated by the choices people you love make but wanting the best for them.”

She continued, “When I watch the video I get the vibe of having memories torn away, as well as a home video/ nostalgia type feeling which I think is really cool. Mike actually popped a few clips of some friends and inside jokes in there as a surprise, which was a nice personal touch for us. There are also some definite travel vibes in the video, which I think is a nice tie-in because I actually wrote the first draft of lyrics for this song while I was on a plane.”

When asked what we can expect from the band in the future, Beecher replied, “We've got a lot of cool stuff coming up! We're finally playing our first shows of 2021 this month and next, including Fest 19 in Gainesville, FL (Sunday at Loosey's!). Before that we've got a couple shows in Denver—we're playing this year's Westword Music Showcase on September 17th, and we've got an awesome Fest sendoff show with Spells and Tuff Bluff on October 16th at Mutiny Info Cafe.

"Music-wise, we're pretty far into writing and recording demos for our second LP. We were lucky enough to be able to practice safely during quarantine, which was a really cool opportunity to dive deep into trying new sounds and new approaches to writing. I've got a studio setup at home so we've been able to work at our own pace and try out ideas as they come.

"So far it's been a really educational and rewarding experience, and I'm super excited about the direction the songs are taking. We're hoping to have writing wrapped up by early 2022, but in the meantime we'll be releasing one of the new songs on Snappy Little Numbers' upcoming 10-year anniversary comp! Keep your eyes peeled for that towards the end of the month.”

You can hear more from Broken Record on their website, which has links to their Bandcamp, streaming and socials. 


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