Redbait: St. Louis Hardcore Band Return with “Capital Gains” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Jeff Lasich

Redbait first appeared on No Echo about a year ago thanks to Red Tape, their debut EP for New Age Records. Since then, the St. Louis hardcore band has played a ton of shows and helped raise awareness for many causes they support, including Tenth Life Cat Rescue, an organization that offers affordable healthcare for cats.

Featuring musicians who have played in such groups as Seven Generations, Hellfire Trigger, and Slaughterchops, Redbait's sound is a chaotic beast of grindy guitars, monstrous mosh parts, and harsh vocals. The band will be releasing a new EP entitled Cages this spring and they've hooked up the site with a track called "Capital Gains" to give readers a taste of what's to come:

"'Capital Gains' was written to express how capitalism as a system is economically determined to fail," says Redbait vocalist Madeline. "The song is about total liberation of all peoples and total liberation cannot be achieved without the dissolution of capitalism. It describes the nature of the relationship between the owning class and the working class as well as the importance of collective organization for the purpose of dismantling oppressive structures through radical action. [Laughs] Just kidding, buy the record."

Photo: Jeff Lasich

Cages will be out soon via New Age Records. Redbait can be found on their official websiteBandcampInstagramFacebook, and Twitter.


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