Dark Thoughts: Philly Punks Bring Bubblegum Hooks on New 2-Song Single (PREMIERE)

Photo: Andi Wolf

"Dark Thoughts is a Ramones band." That's the single-line "bio" I was sent by Dark Thoughts when I was sent the materials for this posting. I would usually push back and ask for more, way more, but in the case of the group at hand here, I think they nailed it.

Based in West Philadelphia, Dark Thoughts share many of the sonic traits favored by the aforementioned legends from Forest Hills. Last year's At Work full-length found praise on No Echo via a write-up from Adam Yoe, where he said: "Not finding room for this on my 2018 'best of' was an enormous oversight."

Dark Thoughts are returning yet again to record store shelves via a 2-song single, Do You Dream?, and you can listen to it in all its bubblegum punk glory below:

The "Do You Dream?" b/w "It's Too Late" single serves as a teaser for Dark Thoughts' forthcoming new studio album, Must Be Nice, which will be coming out in January. The record was tracked at Wherever Audio in Delco, PA by Kyle Gilbride.

Peter Walkee Records will be dropping the Do You Dream? single on Halloween. Pre-order the 7" directly from the label at this link.

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