Graduation Speech: New Jersey Indie Rock Band “Break the Curse” on New Track (PREMIERE)

Photo: Emma Hernandez-Bollinger

When guitarist/vocalist Kevin Day was seeking a quieter songwriting vehicle from the fuzzed-out pop-punk of his band Aspiga, he started Graduation Speech.

The New Jersey-based musician called on friends to add different instruments on 2021’s Maintenance Required EP, which found Graduation Speech's sound being fleshed-out and veering away from the singer-songwriter hushness of the earlier material. 

Now consisting of Day along with guitarist Billy Bollinger (Crucial Dudes), bassist Brandon Iacometta (Crucial Dudes), and drummer Pat Pie, Graduation Speech is gearing up for the release of a new EP entitled Arcane Feelings.

Check out a track from the forthcoming EP called "Break the Curse" below:

Kevin Day shared the following about the track:

"'Break the Curse' is about taking the first step in forgiving someone. I'm sure most folks you know can tell you their own story about having some sort of fall out with an old friend or family member and how they no longer communicate. Time goes by to the point where they might not even remember why they don't speak to each other anymore. "Break the Curse" addresses that feeling of wanting to reach out but also being scared to take the first step."

Arcane Feelings will be out on March 1st via Protagonist Music (pre-order).

Graduation Speech on social media: Twitter | Instagram

Tour dates:
March 8th @ 18th Ward - Brooklyn, NY w/ Sadlands
March 9th @ Faces Brewing - Malden, MA w/ Sadlands
March 10th @ The Upside - Lancaster, PA w/ Sadlands
March 15th @ Slash Run - Washington D.C. w/ Night Windows
March 16th @ Ipanema Cafe - Richmond, VA w/ Night Windows
March 17th @ The Depot - Baltimore, MD w/ Night Windows
March 22nd @ Nostalgia Bar - Bethpage, NY w/ Broadcaster
March 23rd @ Silk City Diner - Philadelphia, PA w/ Broadcaster & Night Windows

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