No Saving Grace, Hell to Pay (Self-Released, 2016)

Based in Västerås, Sweden, No Saving Grace is dedicated to bringing the world a style of hardcore that was born in the US northeast in the early- to mid-'90s. Beatdown technicians Hatebreed, Sworn Enemy, and Fury of Five come to mind while listening to No Saving Grace's new EP, Hell to Pay.

There's no wasting time with this band. The guitar riffs on the two-song EP get to the point, as do the arrangements. Vocalist Jesper sounds like he's either barking out orders, or warnings. There are breakdowns fit for a VFW hall. Jamey Jasta would have been all over this if he was still doing Stillborn Records.

You get the picture.

Find out more about No Saving Grace on their Facebook page.

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