Perfect World: Brooklyn Group Returns with Two New Tracks of Pure NYHC Heat

Photo: Whitney DuRall

Brooklyn’s Perfect World are back with a two-song teaser demo. Dropping just in time for the summer, the two songs are a continuance of Perfect World’s development as one of hardcore’s most thoughtful and skillful bands. Both songs reflect the sound that the band has cultivated over the past few years, while also showcasing a step up in songwriting. There’s a cohesion to these two songs that reflects the nuanced and able song-writing from the members of the group.

Lyrically, Perfect World remain socially conscious here. The hyper-personal “King of the Night” is an introspective reflection on serving in the military. “Human Targets” is a scathing socio-political commentary on the pervasive tragedy of school shootings in America. The band’s attention to contemporary issues should not be lost on the listener, and serves only to elevate a pair of already well-written songs. 


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