Greyed Out: Ex-This Time Next Year Members Take Pop-Punk Path on “Broken Like An Arrow”

Photo: Noelle Burton

Greyed Out is a musical quintet based out of Northern California comprised of former members of This Time Next Year and Pale Chalice.

From a musical standpoint, the band plays an energetic strain of pop-punk that would feel at home at both a VFW hall or alt-rock radio. 

With a self-released EP already in their discography, Greyed Out linked up with Negative Progression Records who dropped their two-track single featuring the songs "Broken Like An Arrow" and "No Dice." 

Today, No Echo is helping spread the word about Greyed Out with a premiere of the music video for the aforementioned "Broken Like An Arrow" for you to check out:

Of the lyrics on "Broken Like an Arrow," Greyed Out vocalist Pete Dowdalls says:

"There is solace in solitude. Become comfortable with being uncomfortable. Isolation builds character and there is nothing more important in this world."

"Broken Like An Arrow" is available now digitally via Negative Progression Records, with a vinyl/CD/cassette release in 2023.

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