Ghost Work: Seaweed, Snapcase Members Tease New LP via “Earthquake” (PREMIERE)

Fans of driving post-hardcore need to pay attention to Ghost Work.

Comprised of vocalist Aaron Stauffer (Seaweed), bassist Dustin Perry (Snapcase, Threadbare), guitarist Sean Husick (Milemarker), and drummer Erin Tate (Minus the Bear, Killsadie), naturally bakes in some of the same sonic textures the musicians have explored in their other bands.

Ghost Work's debut album, You'll Be Buried With, has seen a lot of action at No Echo HQ since it was released in 2020. Sometimes, these "supergroup" type of situations are fleeting, and just produce a singular record and then fade away, often due to scheduling issues. But I'm happy to report that isn't the case with Ghost Work.

Arriving in stores next month, Ghost Work's sophomore album, Light a Candle for the Lonely, was announed in the beginning of the year alongside a track called "Godspeed on the Trail." I spoke with Aaron in 2021 and here's what he said about the material at the time of its writing: "Of course, everyone says 'the new album is better,' but it's true. I feel like I've hit my groove on Ghost Work and the songs are coming along wonderfully."

With Light a Candle for the Lonely coming out in a few weeks, Ghost Work is further teasing the LP with a lyric video for the track "Earthquake" today. I don't know about you, but I'm getting some Actions and Indications-like vibes on this one:

Here's a new quote from Aaron about "Earthquake" to provide further insight:

“This track hit me with the ferociousness of the most intense rainstorm you've ever experienced and it definitely has my favorite drumming on the record. Lyrically, the song is about is how our emotional states can be as chaotic as those storms or similar to the ground giving way beneath our feet.” 

Light a Candle for the Lonely will be out on March 8th via Spartan Records (pre-order).

Check out more of Aaron Stauffer's solo recordings on his Bandcamp page.

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