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Lowest Creature, “Lay Down the Law,” from Misery Unfolds (Isolation Records, 2018)

I've been following Lowest Creature for about a year now after stumbling upon some of their past material on Bandcamp. The Swedish quintet share many of the same late '80s crossover thrash influences with other current bands as Foreseen, Power Trip, and Red Death. It's all about the Power of the Almighty Guitar Riff in this sonic space, and Lowest Creature are clearly master students of this principle.

Opening the Swedish outfit's recently released Misery Unfolds EP, "Lay Down the Law" is a filthy bastard of a track, with a pounding barrage of those aforementioned guitar riffs and fast-paced drums charging forward. Just when you think the song has reached its conclusion, things breaks down and a mid-paced groove is introduce. I can only imagine that when Lowest Creature perform this one at one of their shows, it pretty much commands the audience to get into pit formation.

Photo courtesy of Isolation Records

Misery Unfolds will arrive in stores on July 6 as a limited edition 7" and a digital download via Isolation Records. Pre-orders are now available via Deathwish Inc (North America) and Evil Greed (Europe).

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