Life’s Question: Triple B Records Hardcore Act Discuss Their Debut LP, Drop New Tracks

Photo: Grant Lewandowski

The last time I saw Life's Question live was on a bill with Higher Power, Take Offense, and DRAIN in Los Angeles in January of 2020, a few weeks before the pandemic took grip of the globe. If you haven't heard the Chicago hardcore band before, their melodic yet hard-hitting take on the style that brings to mind early '90s NYHC, though with each of their releases, they keep carving out their own unique touches to their songwriting.

Life's Question is gearing up for the release of their debut full-length album, the follow-up to their excellent A Tale of Sudden Love and Unforgettable Heartbreak EP. I had a text exchange with vocalist Josh Haynes about the band's next chapter.

"We spent the better half of the pandemic recording our LP with our good friend Wyatt Oberholzer and now we are on our first international tour with Raw Brigade and Regulate in Colombia," said the singer. “Each song on the LP consist of at least one of those themes."

The Life's Questions debut full-length will be coming out on Triple B Records, and the label just dropped three tracks from the forthcoming collection:

"The two new songs in particular touch on loss and love the way I experienced them personally. Read the lyrics, interpret them the way you want, my hope is that they touch you and if they don’t, maybe it’s not for you” 

With the album release coming soon, Josh and his Life's Question bandmates are filling up their schedule: "You can catch us at a few fests the start of 2022. FYA is on January 8th, Just Another Gig Vol. 3 fest on January 21st in Tacoma, Washington, and Disturbing the Peace in Baltimore on January 29th.

"Yes, we started the band a few years ago in Chicago, but we all live on the East Coast now spread between Philly and Ohio."

Stay tuned to Life's Question on their socials (Instagram, Twitter) to keep up with the group's upcoming shows.


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