Point of Contact Vocalist Talks Tampa Straight Edge Band’s Excellent Brand New EP

Photo: Hannah Borries 

Today marks the release of Vengeance, the new EP from Florida hardcore band Point of Contact. Streaming below, it's a beast.

To provide some context, Point of Contact vocalist Jose Recinos shared the following with me via email:

"Point of Contact is a straight edge band is always will be. All of us still live in the Tampa area and have been doing different projects. Three of the members have started a new straight edge band called Stedfast, Josh is pushing hard with Contention (catch them in Europe and FYA Fest), and I'm hoping to have a little project in the vein of Ringworm out soon with members of Blistered, Malice at the Palace, etc.

"Point of Contact took a break because of COVID and some personal reasons, but we're excited to play shows again and bring more presence to the straight edge scene (we always need more sxe bands)."

I also asked Jose to tell me a bit about the material on Vengeance:

"These songs, instrumentally, were written during COVID in 2020 but just recently were finished with lyrics. The songs this time are not about straight edge but about heartbreak and being unheard. I wanted people who struggle with the same issues to have something to sing along to.

"Not all hardcore needs to be about killing people or being hard. In the song 'Silence,' I wrote 'Those I love know nothing about me, speaking with no voice' because I think we have friendships and relationships that we accept in our minds when in reality these people are emotionless strangers. It’s a hard pill to swallow but taking a look at who’s actually there for you compared to who you wish was there for you is what that song is about and has similar concepts in the others as well."

Vengeance is available now on cassette and digital via Streets of Hate.


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