Song of the Day

Bitter Truth, “Nothing to Show,” from Reality Check (Smog Moon Recordings, 2018)

"Reality Check, as a whole, is about calling people out on their bullshit, whether it be in our personal lives, the hardcore scene or on a grander scale such as the current social climate," say Bitter Truth about their recently released EP. The band hails from Grand Rapids, MI and play a murderous-sounding style of metallic hardcore.

I'm going with "Nothing to Show" from Reality Check since it serves as a solid introduction to Bitter Truth's songwriting approach. The track slithers to a mid-tempo march in its opening section and then turns the speed meter up and tears through the rest. There's also an especially brutal mosh part included, for the sickos.

Photo: Jack Benton

Bitter Truth's Reality Check EP is available via Smog Moon Recordings.

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