Candescent A.D: UK Band Crafts Feral Metalcore on “Wynash Garden”

Photo: Charley Shillabeer

Among the many reasons for metalcore’s longevity is that its cathartic ability to channel raw, difficult emotions never ceases to feel relevant. From the first wave of metallic hardcore to the breakthrough acts of the '00s to the revivalists of today—the genre remains prescient because its thematic obsessions with feral aggression and bruised emotions never fails to stir even the most hardened of souls.

Candescent A.D understand metalcore’s innate ability to channel this deep vein of dark emotion. The London band’s newest track, “Wynash Garden,” tackles thorny themes of severance and addiction in the genre’s obligatory hot-tempered fashion.

Its music matches the savagery (check out vocalist Wil Collins’ throat-shedding screams) but is also packed with moody, atmospheric choruses. It lurches betweenfrantic and controlled as if in the throes of some deep, oblique crisis.

Recalling the work of metalcore luminaries Zao, Misery Signals and early Poison the Well, “Wynash Garden” is the first track to released from Candescent A.D.’s forthcoming EP, Dissociation In Three Fractions—a quintessential metalcore title if there ever was one. Newly signed to UK powerhouse Church Road Records, all signs point towards a rapid rise to prominence for Candescent A.D.

Featuring cover art by SeeYouSpaceCowboy vocalist Connie Sgarbossa, Dissociation In Three Fractions will be released on April 1st via Church Road Records on bronze-coloured cassette, CD digipak, and the usual digital platforms. 

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