Backpatches of the 2014 Maryland Deathfest

I'm not much for festivals. Who is, when you love music? There are too many bands out there relying on their recorded sounds, and they suck live. Plus, there are just way too many bands that, indeed, just suck.

Still, I do get out to ones I like, and good thing I have my camera to keep me busy anyway.

At last year's Maryland Deathfest, I saw so many amazing backpatches, and began chatting folks up to see if I could snap a pic. When I got home, I saw I had a nice photo collection, and posted my favorite 50 on my personal website.

This year, My Dying Bride was playing, and (being close to 20 years since they've played the States) the Infernum NYC Tattoo Crew decided to take another fieldtrip to Baltimore, with the added bonus of getting another round of backpatch photos.

In 2013, I took over 100 pictures, and not only did no one deny me a photograph, most were ecstatic that someone asked; proudly showing theirs off.

Though coming home with an extra 100 photos , this year was much of the same, as the show is normally an amazing gathering of the metal scene's finest—in music, and in people.

Speaking of fine people, I sent this year's picks to the good chaps at No Echo, who are posting and presenting my Top 50 backpatch photos of the 2014 Maryland Deathfest.