Monuments to Arson: A Tribute to His Hero Is Gone, (Satanik Royalty Records, 2022)

It's not often that I'll make time to check out tribute compilations. With the variety of new music coming out, it's often hard to remain informed or overwhelming.

Depending on the variety of punk and hardcore that has found you at times throughout life, His Hero is Gone is a band you may have heard of or at least seen a shirt with the cover art of their record Monuments to Thieves at a show in the past.

At the end of the day, while it might be too late to see some bands live; there are plenty of ways to learn about bands long gone.

Since first learning about Satanik Royalty Records and meeting the label owner/DeathCAVE bassist Freiburger, I've made an effort to support the bands they have decided to work with. Because of that, I'm all the more excited to help bring attention to this great tribute record.

All proceeds (aside from shipping costs) will be donated to the Fairbanks Native Association, an indigenous organization that assists with drug and alcohol dependency, mental wellness, and more. Freiburger explained in the press release, "I’m going to release cover albums periodically to raise money for important causes within indigenous communities. When I was a child, my mother was the director of the Fairbanks Native Association, which is the organization I will be donating to first. I’ve seen first-hand the problems associated with alcohol and drug dependency and wish to do what I can to help those who struggle with the same problems I once struggled with." 

With Monuments to Arson, the continued relevance of a band admired by a variety of artists is shown as well as the creativity they have inspired in one way or another. Along with that, funds from the release will be used in a practical way.

I can't think of a better reason to check this record out, but I have a few to mention. The artists featured on the record are a varied showcase of how one band's sound can be interpreted in many ways. It's refreshing to hear a tribute record where the bands show who they are rather than imitate the band they are covering. 

A few of my favorites on the record are by Many Blessings, Nightmare Fuel, Githyanki, and Isenordal. Particularly on the songs chosen by Githyanki and Isenordal; I greatly appreciate the use of instruments that wouldn't be immediately associated with punk/hardcore music and how they enhanced the overall atmosphere of the song.

Similarly, with Many Blessings' opening of the record, you are immediately taken into cacophony and harsh noise that can feel akin to everyday life. There isn't a cover worth skipping on the record and it's clear every band did great work on their contributions. 

Whether you're already a fan of His Hero is Gone or haven't heard them before, I'd be curious to see if this will be the needed introduction for some people and I think it has that potential.

Along with a digital release date of September 30th, there will be three vinyl variants limited to a total of 700 copies set for release on March 25th in 2023. 

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