Cross Control: Los Angeles Hardcore Group Rages Back with “Diadem” (PREMIERE)

Photo:Kevin Silva

In the closing weeks of 2019, Cross Control released its debut EP, Outrage Culture, a 5-track injection of pissed-off hardcore. Though it's only been a few months since then, the Los Angeles-based band was already busy on the next step of their evolution, but the world had different plans. 

"Prior to the pandemic, we were back in the studio recording some news songs with Alex Estrada at Pale Moon Audio," Cross Control singer Vince Averill tells No Echo. "That work has obviously stalled but given the nature of this song and it's topic we thought we would share it."

The track Vince is referring to is "Diadem," and No Echo is excited to help share it with you all today:

"The song deals with the classic theme of the haves vs the have-nots, and how some people will wield their power," says Vince. "It's no secret that there are a lot of evil people roaming the earth, but we've very quickly seen in the last month how people who have any semblance of control will quickly look out for themselves despite having the ability to save others. People actively making decisions that will knowingly harm a lot of others. Fuck them!"

You can download "Diadem" on the Cross Control Bandcamp page. The Outrage Culture 7" is available via New Age Records.


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