Home Invasion Reps Chicago Hardcore with a Vengeance on Debut LP (TRACK PREMIERE)

Photo: John Hambone

With influences like Think I Care and Bastard, it's not surprising how hard Home Invasion goes. 

The band busted out of the Chicago scene in 2020 and have been playing shows and slowly dropping material on Bandcamp ever since.

Andrew Kline from WAR Records took attention and signed the band to his label which will be releasing their debut LP, Enemy, next month. "Andrew killed it with the Absolute Truth release (Kyle and I's other band), so we reached out to see if he'd be down to put out this record as well," Home Invasion guitarist Andy tells No Echo about the union.

Photo: Brian Sanostefano

"Enemy is the album this band came up with to answer the age-old question: 'can we write the perfect stage dive anthem?,'" says Home Invasion vocalist James about the forthcoming record. "If your feet don’t leave the ground while listening, we have failed — playing a show with no stage is not an excuse. It’s a handful of songs reworked from previous demos and a lot of new material."

Andy adds this about what listeners should expect from the LP: "A lot of fast riffs and stage dives."

Since we're premiering the (barbaric) track "Insignificance on the site today, I asked James for some insight on its lyrics. "'Insignificance' is about waking up and knowing that you are no longer needed, played to the musical equivalent of running a blender with a brick in it."


As you can see below, the cover art for Enemy is as blunt and menacing as the music it's representing. It was created by artist Keith Caves and when Andrew first showed it to me, I told him it reminded me of something Deep Six Records would release.

"My friend Matt Humes pointed me towards Keith's art," says Andy. "We thought it was great, so we hit him up and gave a generic idea about the IRA militia and a torn up mask. We knew Keith would make something sick, but we were all blown away by the artwork. Hands down my favorite hardcore punk artist, and we'll be going his way again next time."

Home Invasion will be heading out on show runs after the album drops, so stay tuned to their Instagram for show announcements.

The band is stoked on their local hardcore community. "There are a lot of other cool bands in the Chicago scene, but some of our favorites are Contempt, Matter of Fact, Chalk, and Flesh Commodity."

Enemy will be out on May 17th via WAR Records. The pre-orders will open on tomorrow (April 19th) at this link.

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