xDeliverancex: New UK Metallic Hardcore Band Takes Us to the “Killing Floor” (PREMIERE)

Comprised of members of such bands as Cruelty, Mantlet, Suppress, and Phaze Two, the latest UKHC band to make its way onto No Echo is xDeliverancex.

From a stylistic standpoint, xDeliverancex is influenced by Undying, Bleeding Through, and the front of groups that many people refer to as "At the Gates-core." In short, they remit a sound that focuses heavily on tasty guitar riffs with a melodic undercurrent running throughout their arrangements.

Though the pandemic slowed their plans down, xDeliverancex got into the swing of things, playing their first few shows, and working with Ian Boult at Stuck on a Name Studios in Nottingham.

With a 12-inch planned for later this year, xDeliverancex has teamed up with The Coming Strife Records (Contention, Flames of Betrayal) to release Promo 2022 next week. No Echo is impatient, so dig into "Killing Floor," a track from the forthcoming release, below:

"The song is about the blindfold people willingly wear when consuming animal products," Gareth Davies of xDeliverancex told No Echo in an email. 

"Ignorance is one thing but knowing exactly where your meal comes from and the distress caused to the animals murdered to provide it is lunacy. We should all be more aware and culpable for the suffering we cause."

Promo 2022 tape will be available through The Coming Strife Records next week.


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