True Self: Missouri Hardcore Group Tease Debut LP with “Bitter” (TRACK PREMIERE)

Photo: Jared Carpenter

True Self is a hardcore outfit based out of Springfield, MO that formed in 2017. Citing the melodic-minded hardcore bands from the early '00s and '90s acts like My Eyes and Turning Point as infuences, the quartet first made an appearance on No Echo thanks to vocalist Andrew Gibbs' list of 5 Newer Hardcore Bands from Missouri to Check Out list late last year.

Now with a finalized lineup, True Self are getting ready for the release of The Pain I Bury, their debut full-length album. Let's see what the guys have up their sleeves with "Bitter," the first sampling of what the album holds for us:

"The single 'Bitter' from the album is a blazing minute and a half of hardcore punk with a call to arms against the mind-killer that is complacency," Andrew tells No Echo. "This is also apart of a bigger concept tied to the record about the overall feel of living day to day as an anxious person. Like living the same day over and over again until you only see 'just a shell of who you used to be.'"

Photo: Christian Barker

Stay tuned to True Self's social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, Bandcamp) for more info on the band and the release of The Pain I Bury.

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