Crafter: Massachusetts Band Drops ‘Lasting Efforts’ LP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Dalton Lampro

With such influences as Verse, Bane, and Verbal Assault, Crafter have been steadily building their sound and live show since forming back in 2014. The Massachusetts quintet has released three EPs during that time, road dogging it for a year and half in support of their 2017 debut album, Embrace. The hard work has paid off, which I can tell you from the amount of love their last piece on the site got from both pre-existing and new Crafter fans.

That takes us to Lasting Efforts, Crafter's brand-new album. Studying pivotal albums that helped shape them during their younger years, the guys in the band took their time molding a collection that mirrored their growth as both musicians and songwriters. It's with great pleasure that I present Lasting Efforts to the No Echo audience:

Breaking down some of the lyrical inspirations behind the album, “What’s Left to Learn" finds vocalist Kyle Taylor writing of historical figures who stood up to power, using creativity and the written word to do so. Each song, from this point on in the record, deals with the individual’s effort to realize a greater vision and hope for change. By the middle of the record, tracks “No Action Taken” and “Parting Statements” highlight that the push for change and action is oftentimes completely ruined by acts of violence and despair, ultimately leaving the listener with the choice to either carry on or simply give up after standing in the wake of destruction. As the record moves forward, the latter perspective is taken and ultimately, by the end of the record with “Whatever it Takes,” the solution seems final: freedom at any cost, in any way we might see it realized, no matter who or what tries to decide otherwise.

As I mentioned above, Crafter understand the power of getting out on the road and starting today, they're back out on tour and won't be heading back to New England until the end of April. Catch them at one of the dates below and pick up a copy of Lasting Efforts when it hits stores on April 15 via Patient Zero Records and Crafter's Bandcamp page.

Crafter tour dates:
3.29.19 Minneapolis, MN @ Caydence Records
3.30.19 Fargo, ND @ New Direction Fest
3.31.19 Bismarck, ND @ Rhythm Records
4.01.19 Butte, MT @ Staggering Ox
4.02.19 Pocatello, ID @ Decadence Skate Shop
4.03.19 Yakima, WA @ Aubrey Plaza
4.04.19 Bremerton, WA @ The Charleston
4.05.19 Vancouver, CA @ 333
4.06.19 Tacoma, WA @ Real Art!
4.07.19 Portland, OR @ Watershed
4.08.19 Eugene, OR @ Voodoo Donuts
4.09.19 Chico, CA @ Ike’s Sandwiches
4.10.19 Sacramento, CA @ The Colony
4.11.19 TBA
4.12.19 Cupertino, CA @ X-Bar
4.13.19 Reno, NV @ The Holland
4.14.19 Salt Lake City @ Gold Blood
4.15.19 Denver, CO @ 7th Circle Collective
4.16.19 Omaha, NE @ Lookout Lounge
4.17.19 Columbia, MO @ PDM
4.18.19 Cincinnati, OH @ Q’s Dungeon
4.19.19 Syracuse, NY @ Free Space Youth Center
4.20.19 North Adams, MA @ The Parlor Café (Record Release)

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