Spider: Cali Punks Cover Black Flag’s “Depression” for Their New EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Jose Corona

Featuring former and current members of such bands as Channel 3, Total Massacre, and Walk Proud, Spider is a punk outfit that understands how to inject melody into their musical attack without comprising its punch. The Long Beach, CA-based band certainly keep close to their '80s influences, but there's an immediacy to their material that keeps things feeling fresh.

After taking an extended break a few years back, Spider is returning with the follow-up to their Youth Insurance LP with a revved-up collection in the form of Energy Gone Wrong, a brand-new EP. Let's not waste any more time and dive right into "Depression," a cover of the Black Flag classic from the band's forthcoming EP:

The Spider dudes sent me the following about the cover: “'Depression' is Black Flag at their nihilistic best. Our intent was to capture the furious honesty that this song deserves. I’d like to think we hit the mark with our rendition of this classic tune."

Energy Gone Wrong will be out soon and can be pre-ordered today. To celebrate the EP's release, Spider will be playing a show at the Prospector in Long Beach this Saturday (July 20) with Capital Vices LTD, Manson Family Band, and Sick Surreal. If you hit the show up, Spider will hook you up with a copy of the 7". Sick.

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