Simulakra: Feast on Some Metallic Hardcore Sickness via “Heathen’s Prayer”

Photo: Kat Nijmeddin

It was a few years back when No Echo last covered Simulakra just around the time of their Mankind Is a Disease drop in 2021. Adam Yoe described the outfit's style as "vicious and savage," which nails it on the head. I'm also a big fan of what they're doing, including Simulakra on my 12 Newer Hardcore Bands You Need to Check Out list in 2020.

With members also playing in such bands as Scarab, Gridiron, and Foreign Hands, Simulakra's 2022 The Infection Spreads album is a must-own for any self-respecting fan of metallic hardcore.

Simulakra is gearing up for the next part of their story, a new EP entitled Reincarnation. Tracked with Andy Nelson at Bricktop Recording in Fall 2023, the 5-song collection is being previewed via an all-killer-no-filler track called "Heathens Prayer":

“On The Infection Spreads, I was dealing with a lot of severe health issues," says Simulakra vocalist Dom Pabon. "I wrote about my experience being sick for so long and I used it as a diary essentially to get out how I felt about myself and how I viewed the world. This time around, I had time to fully flesh out tracks, being able to write different themes for each song, and lyrics in a style to have them more open to interpretation.

"After I was done writing everything, I noticed an overarching tone of spirituality so I definitely wanted to add that in the artwork as well. The title Reincarnation encapsulates this entire EP perfectly, as though I feel like this EP is a reincarnation of the band. It’s us but at our purest, best form.”

Photo: Gabe Becerra

Reincarnation will be out March 15th via DAZE.

Upcoming Simulakra shows:
2/9 - Lake Como, NJ @ Salty’s Beach Bar w/ Incendiary + Scarab
2/10 - Worcester, MA @ Palladium (Upstairs) w/ Incendiary + Scarab
2/17 - Queens, NY w/ Mindforce + Inclination + Scarab + more
3/21 - Lousville, KY @ Portal - DAZE LDBBB Preshow w/ World Of Pleasure + Sanction + more

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