Remain In Grief: Meet a New Metallic Hardcore Band Out of Sweden

Photo: August Gidlund

"Me and my brother August have played in hardcore bands and projects together for a couple of years and we wanted to start a new band that plays heavy metallic hardcore with dropped-tuned guitars and karate-friendly breakdowns," says Waldemar Tapojärvi, drummer of new Swedish band, Remain In Grief.

"I play guitar in other bands as well and wanted to play some hard ass double bass metal drums so that was also a reason for me to start this band [laughs]. We asked our friend Oskar if he wanted to play guitar with us and he was game. He has also been in some of our bands and lots of local metal bands before.

"We formed an idea of what we wanted to play together and then wrote and recorded this demo. Our second guitarist, Erik, and our bass player, Robbin, joined the band after we’ve had recorded the demo, but they have also been around in the local hardcore and metal scene for a long time. Me and Oskar write most of the riffs and stuff together right now and August writes all of the lyrics."

Now that you have the back story, check out the aforementioned Remain In Grief demo below:

"Our demo is heavily influenced by metallic hardcore bands from the States such as Year of the Knife and Sanction," says Waldemar. "But we really get inspiration from a wide spectrum of hardcore and metal bands in general, old and new.

"Almost all of us work in the mining industry here in Kiruna and I work under ground in the mine. I spend most of my time down there. The shifts are long and the darkness, harshness, the heavy machines and the loud noises is the environment that we work in and for me, the sound of this music, is somewhat a representation of what goes on around me and in my head at work [laughs]."

Waldemar finishes our chat with some Swedish hardcore talk. "Our local scene in Kiruna is small. It’s pretty much a group of people that all play in multiple bands, you all know how it is [laughs]. But some Swedish bands that I listen to right now is Blood Sermon, Speedway, and Existence, to mention a few. 

"I would like to recommend you all to check out the Swedish hardcore compilation, Flubber World, that came out recently. That’s a great way to get a grasp of what the Swedish hardcore scene sounds like right now I think! And of course, you should definitely listen to all of the releases from Svensk Hardcore Kultur! Thanks!"


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