Violent Life Violent Death: Metallic HC Comes Blazing on The Color of Bone EP (PREMIERE)

Photo: Justin Driscoll

The metallic hardcore entity known as Violent Life Violent Death calls Charlotte, North Carolina home. Formed in 2016, the 5-piece band proudly cites such musical influences as Zao, Every Time I Die, and Converge. 

Violent Life Violent Death is one of those cases where the group's name mirrors the music they deliver. The stuff is relentless in its sonic attack of swirling guitar riffs, demon-like vocals, and constantly driving rhythmic patterns. Over the course of three EPs, the quintet has fine-tuned their approach, and it's in its full glory on their newest offering.

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Kyle Dameron at Rareform Recordings in Hickory, North Carolina, The Colour of Bone EP comes blazing like a blowtorch to the skull. If you don't believe it, listen for yourself in this No Echo premiere:

The Color of Bone arrives in stores tomorrow (Oct. 30) via Innerstrength Records.
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