City of Industry: Hardcore Trio Strikes Back with “Guilt” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Merna Haile

City of Industry has only been around since 2017, but the Seattle hardcore trio has already proven they're a hard-working bunch. Earlier this year, the band dropped its debut full-length, American Habits Are Hard to Break, and now they've returned with a new single, "Guilt."

"Being a single, small-minded, finite person, in such a vast and complex world, really is something to ruminate on," says City of Industry vocalist/guitarist Ossa Humiliata about the track's lyrics. "Pride usually gets in the way of anything akin to wholesome, honest self-deprecation, unfortunately. Being aware of your shortcomings is a good way to be a more constructive example to your family and friends, and even the world around you." 

As you can hear above, "Guilt" has a unique way of being insanely heavy yet catchy at the same time. The handclaps they've sprinkled throughout the first part of the track is both a ballsy and smart touch. The way the tempo shifts around the 46-second mark is also impactful, keeping you focused at the aural violence at hand. 

Stay tuned for a music video for "Guilt" in the coming weeks and give City of Industry a follow on Facebook to keep up with their upcoming dates and releases.

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