p.s.you’redead: New Band Delivers Pure Sonic Violence on “Spill Yer Beans” (PREMIERE)

Photo courtesy of p.s.you'redead

Buffalo, NY’s p.s.you'redead are poised to shred your unsuspecting ears to ribbons with the release of their debut demo, which drops today courtesy of Sore Ear Collective. As a mere taste of the savagery contained within said demo, we have the pleasure of premiering the spastic nightmare “Spill Yer Beans.”

A busy 48 seconds of discordant riffs, schizophrenic tempos and swells of sonic violence, p.s.you'redead reap with an expert’s skill from the Converge and Fear Before the March of Flames playbook. To boot, the unhinged progression of Daughters permeates “Spill Yer Beans” expedient madness.

p.s.you'redead's 2020 Demo is available now from Sore Ear Collective.


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