Pure Heel: Buffalo Hardcore Band Smashes Your Head Into the “Turnbuckle” on New Track

Photo: MArk X Miller

Pure Heel is based out of the hardcore sacred ground of Buffalo, New York, so it's no surprise when you listen to the band's vicious take on the style. Formed in 2016, the group has been featured on No Echo before, but for those of you who might have missed that, Pure Heel features former members of such bands as Buried Alive, Slugfest and Despair.

The band will be releasing a new 7" on Irish Voodoo Records (Pointbreak, Since We Were Kids!), and they've partnered with the site to bring you the premiere of the action-packed music video for "Turnbuckle," a track from the record:

"This song is about not letting life destroy you, no matter how hard things get," says Pure Hell guitarist Jay Galvin.

Stay tuned to Irish Voodoo Records for release information on the forthcoming Pure Heel 7".

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