Problem of Pain Offer Chaos on "I Carry the Weight on My Wings" (PREMIERE)

Comprised of drummer/vocalist Jake Beaver and guitarist/vocalist Garrett Finch, Problem of Pain is a musical duo who paint with an eclectic and heavy sonic palette. On their forthcoming album, I Will Always Want to Let Go, the Michigan-based outfit wrap their songwriting in everything from metallic hardcore to black metal to post metal. Yes, that's a lot to take on, but listening to the LP, you won't doubt Beaver and Finch's craftsmanship. 

One of the standout cuts on I Will Always Want to Let Go is an aural maelstrom called "I Carry the Weight on My Wings," and I'm presenting the exclusive premiere of the track for you all today.

“'I Carry the Weight on My Wings' is about the struggle that it takes to overcome your personal impediments, and the emotional toll it takes as you learn from your own persistent failure," Beaver tells me of the track. "Sometimes being fully aware of your shortcomings yet unable to construct a way to fix them is a weight of degradation; especially if that shortcoming is a severe one. It can project negative self worth and a false inability to get better. I think everyone deals with at least one thing in their life that they just wish was never a part of them. It’s just a matter of how hard they will try and rise above it, even through many failed attempts."

I Will Always Want to Let Go will see release on Feb. 9 via Blood & Ink Records and can be pre-ordered at this link.

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