Graf Orlock: Listen to a Ripping Track from Their Forthcoming Final Release (PREMIERE)

While most may prefer to go out with a whimper, the cinema-inspired grind unit Graf Orlock is choosing to end with an explosion.

The Los Angeles band's final EP, End Credits, is due out on Vitriol Records next month.

End Credits rages from start to finish and shows Graf Orlock in their finest form. Rapid fire blast beats and d-beat assaults recklessly careen off each other cutting a wider swath of destruction than the climaxes of the Hollywood action movies that inspired the band. Movie samples intersperse the madness but seem as unsettling as the music itself.

Today, we are excited to premiere the track “Those Bastards in the Front Sections." A group of children sing about “dying if the engine stops," and soon the engine is opened up to full throttle as Graf Orlock kicks up a maelstrom.

Yet, just like life, and the lifespan of this band, the song is too short and we are left wanting more. But maybe that's the point?

About the films that inspired End Credits, Graf Orlock shared the following:

“This record specifically focuses on the apocalypse. Given it will be the last release, it looks like a script that has caught on fire. Songs/films covered in this are Snowpiercer, Children of Men, Mad Max, Dredd, and Waterworld.

"Although there seems like a proliferation of post-apocalypse or dystopian films in light of the last couple of years, all of these songs/films/lyrics predate COVID. On top of that, in the style of how the songs/lyrics are put together, typical Jason and Kyle are representing different characters in any given script, transferred into song lyrics.”

Recorded live to tape, mixed, and mastered in 2019/2023 by Jack Shirley at Atomic Garden Studios in Oakland (Punch, Oathbreaker), the 7-inch version of End Credits will include die-cut sleeves with burn marks and fire colored vinyl.

End Credits will be out on June 23rd via Vitriol Records (pre-order).

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