Soul to Keep: Listen to North Carolina Hardcore Band’s Killer Debut Release (PREMIERE)

Photo: Courtney Breen

Soul to Keep is a new hardcore band from Raleigh, NC making their debut on No Echo today. "I had never fronted a hardcore project, but played in multiple metalcore projects over the years, and Jordan and AJ already had Fading Signal up and running," vocalist Dylan Jones told No Echo through email earlier this week.

"A few riffs turned into a few songs pretty quickly during the Fall of 2020 and that’s what you hear on Stuck on a Feeling. Jamming older Lockin' Out bands and blending it with newer influences we decided we just wanted to have fun with this project and leave the bullshit behind."

Speaking of Stuck on a Feeling, the 5-song Soul to Keep debut can be streamed in its entirety below:

“Most of the lyrics I write are from feeling like I never fit in with a certain group of people since I've always floated from one group to the next and did my own thing, the anxiety and depression that followed, and the rest of our songs are about dealing with shitty people who deserve to have their teeth kicked in," said Dylan.

"For the song 'Not Like Myself,' I touched base on living each day with a routine over and over again that it starts to feel like you're on autopilot. After all these years your life should be planned out, you should have a family, kids, the perfect job, but you don’t, and it feels like you aren’t making any progress. You're going through the motion but nothing’s happening."

Stuck on a Feeling is available now via Force of Reckoning Records. Follow Soul to Keep on Instagram.


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