Ordeal: UK Metallic Hardcore Hardcore Band Is Psyched About Their Current Scene

Photo: Dane Barker

Ordeal is a Birmingham, UK-based metallic hardcore band making its debut on the site today.

The group was started by a pair of college friends named Charlie and Harris around the time of the initial COVID lockdown, taking the downtime to pen the material that would eventually end up on their 2021 demo.

Fleshing out a full lineup since then, Ordeal recently issued Promo '22, showcasing their penchant for big mosh riffs and discordant melodies:

"The band as collective draws influences mostly from late '90s/early '00s mosh metal and classic East Coast hardcore of those years, as-well as some big names in UKHC," Ordeal guitarist Anthony told No Echo in an email. 

"Artists such as Shattered Realm, Redline, Irate, Bulldoze, 50. Caliber, and Six Foot Ditch, are just some names that play part in our writing process and we think this reflects in our music. Ordeal tries to encapsulate these sounds while adding a metalcore twist."

Ordeal will be part of Repest Fest in South Wales next month, alongside such heavy-hitters as Sunami, Spy, and Game.“UKHC hasn’t been this good in years," stressed Anthony in his email. "I was first introduced to UKHC back in 2015 and I have never seen it so alive. There’s a constant stream of new music from new bands since the pandemic. It’s so sick to see so many new faces coming out to shows and experiencing it all for the first time. 

"There’s also more promoters and much more exposure now, special shout to Birmingham Hardcore Shows. Finally, not enough people are talking about Upraised. They are a local band to Wolverhampton and their stuff reminds me of bands like Bitter End and Incendiary. Super fun live, good guys, and everyone should be bumping their shit.”

Charlie from Ordeal also emailed me the following thoughts on their hardcore community: 

“The local scene and surrounding areas is doing amazing at the moment. To name just a few bands; Upraised, Mantlet, Cauldron, Suppress, Ill Vision, xDeliverancex, Phaze Two, Flesh Creep. Some honourable UKHC mentions from across the country too; inmytimeofdying, Realm of Torment, Greed, Lenged Out, Wise Up!, Malignant Methods, No Relief, and Nothing But Enemies."


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