Scorpions, Live in Munich 2012 (Eagle Rock Entertainment, 2016)

They've been touring since the early '70s, so if you're a longtime hard rock fan, there's a pretty good chance you've caught a Scorpions show at some point, whether live or on some kind of recorded format. This is why it shouldn't come as a surprise when I tell you that their latest release, Live in Munich 2012, is a really fun viewing experience.

Filmed in 2012 at the final stop of the group's world tour in support of their Sting in the Tail album, this DVD/Blu-ray finds the Scorps delivering a hits-filled setlist to a German audience soaking up every moment of it. Yes, "Still Loving You," "Big City Nights," "No One Like You," and "Rock You Like a Hurricane" make the cut, but the newer material ("Sting in the Tail," "The Best is Yet to Come") sounds just as kick-ass, even when compared to the classic material.

Uli Jon-era Scorpions song "We'll Burn the Sky" is a welcomed addition to the evening, as is Crazy World cut "Hit Between the Eyes." It would have been a treat to see/hear a few more of the deeper tracks from the band's discography represented, but with so many huge singles in their repertoire, it's not hard to understand why the setlist looks the way it does.

Since filming Live in Munich 2012, drummer James Kottak has parted ways with the Scorps, and Mikkey Dee (Motörhead, King Diamond) has taken over his duties. If you haven't seen Kottak do his thing before, this new concert film is a perfect introduction to his wild performance style. Formerly the timekeeper of such bands as Kingdom Come, Warrant, and Montrose, Kottak is cut from the same cloth as drummers like Tommy Lee and Keith Moon. In other words, the guy is not only a skilled percussionist, it's also hard to keep your eyes off of him. Check out his "Kottak Attack" portion of the concert for further evidence of his Animal-like playing style.

The night closes out with "When the Smoke is Going Down," from the Scorpions' near-perfect Blackout album. Great job, boys.

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