Toxins: Watch San Diego Melodic Punk Group’s “You Missed a Doozy” Music Video (PREMIERE)

Photo: Carlos Rodriguez

Birthed during the pandemic hell of 2020, Toxins is a band comprised of longtime members of the San Diego punk scene. After solidifying their lineup in the late summer of that year, the new outfit released a 2-track 7-inch this past spring.

Keeping that prolific energy moving forward, Toxins just dropped Recovery Room, a 4-song EP. The songs were produced by the band with the recording process led by bassist Ale. The mix and master, was handled by Alexandre Capilé, a renowned Brazilian producer.

Toxins lead guitarist offered the following about the new record: "This EP really has so many different emotions wrapped up in it, but really it’s just a conversation we had when we moved into our practice space; that this spot was going to be a really positive space for us to always create music and energy with each other. Our recovery room."

Today, No Echo is premiering the music video for "You Missed a Doozy," a track from Recovery Room. Directed by the drummer Gui Santana and cinematography by Ryan Rivera, the video was recorded at Toxins' practice spot:

"The song is about struggling with depression, that feeling of wanting to disappear and appreciating of what/who you have in life," Toxins vocalist Matt Watkins explained.

Recovery Room is available now on Bandcamp.

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