Nickel City Soundtrack Podcast Hosts Chris Wyatt & Mark Miller Talk Buffalo Hardcore

Snapcase (Photo: Danielle Dombrowski)

The end of 2020 brought us a new podcast called the Nickel City Soundtrack Podcast. Hosted by scene vets Mark Miller and Chris Wyatt, their goal is to focus on a particular Buffalo-related hardcore release on each episode. The show recently saw the addition of another host, Alex Byrne.

Nickel City Soundtrack Podcast started things off with a bang, focusing their debut interview episode on a deep dive into Snapcase's Lookinglasself, with vocalist Daryl Taberski offering his insight on the album.

I recently spoke with Mark and Chris about their new endeavor.

Where did the idea for the podcast come from?

Chris Wyatt: Well, the idea sprang up from my desire to get people outside of Buffalo to hear (and hear about) the two '90s bands: Subject to Change and Blend. Both had short, wonderful moments in time and maybe only a demo each for a release.

While listening to the Where It Went Podcast the idea to focus on specific releases with a member who played on it took root. I wanted to pay homage to NCS crew, and pay respect to the music that shaped us: Nickel City Soundtrack.

I reached out to Mark, laid out my thoughts and he jumped right in adding to the battle plan. A bit later we added Alex Byrne and here we are.

Mark Miller: Chris is the most frequent contributor to my other podcast (HMNI Fanzine Podcast). He was my first guest and he would be on the cast whenever he would come visit Buffalo.

We were texting a while ago and he brought up the idea for this new podcast. I thought it was brilliant and we went back and forth for a while and figured out logistics and made it happen.

From your posts you seem to have a few interviews done and ready to go. Is there a system you have in place to determine when they get put up?

Chris Wyatt: Honestly, not really. We both have busy lives now that the world is opening up a bit so it kinda drops when it drops. 

Mark Miller: We’re pretty busy so getting them out with regularity can be tough. We had a guy helping us edit them but that fell through so now we are are doing that work. Over the next few weeks we should have one come out every Sunday but that could slow down but we'd like to keep it going.

The first episode was with Daryl from Snapcase. I feel like you got more out of him than I’ve seen in past interviews with him. Do you think it is because he is more removed from the time period you were focusing on or because of your approach and questions?

Chris Wyatt: First, huge ups to Daryl for doing it in the first place! He easily could have been like “oh, CW is involved? Yeah, no.”! I think it’s a bit of being removed, the questions we were coming at him with, and him just being a good, receptive guy. 

Mark Miller: I'd like to think it’s our approach and the specific period that we covered. Things just seemed to keep coming to him.

What is your favorite interview that you have done so far for the podcast?

Chris Wyatt: There’s a piece from every one that gives me the feels like “yeah, this is what it’s about," in upcoming episodes we have people talking about addiction and recovery, shortcomings in the home schooling rollout in lower income communities, like real life shit over cool guy stories.

But my hands down favorite episode is the upcoming one with Mark Bellanca from Zero Tolerance. 

Mark Miller: My favorite was probably Jay Jancetic. Jay's a good friend and the interview just seemed like it was me, Chris, Alex and him just hanging out talking about XPlagued With RageX. 

Is there anyone that was very hesitant about doing the podcast? Maybe feeling like who cares about that, it was a long time ago.

Chris Wyatt: Yes, Garret Klahn (Texas Is the Reason, Copper, Solea). I respect his position but I’m hoping he changes his mind in the future.

There are others who have said they’d do it but then ghost us. Hopefully they’ll come around too. 

Mark Miller: Jay didn’t think that anyone cared about Plagued with Rage but we thought differently. I’ve definitely heard them name checked on other podcasts.

Who are you hoping to get on the podcast that you haven’t yet?

Chris Wyatt: Number one answer: Robby Takac from the Goo Goo Dolls. I mean, fuck, we even ripped off their font for our logo!  Andy Williams (Every Time I Die), but he’s a little busy these days. 

And totally random: Jen and Eric from [record store] Home of the Hits.

Mark Miller: We would love to eventually get Robby Takac on. Not only because of the Goo Goo Dolls but he’s recorded a ton of stuff and even with Music is Art his mark on this town is undeniable.

Goo Goo Dolls (Photo courtesy of Metal Blade Records)

Since your podcast focuses on a specific release per episode what is your favorite Buffalo hardcore release of all time?

Chris Wyatt: Zero Tolerance's Fuel the Fire, N.A.I.L. demo, Manic Depression's Rat Trap, anything Jay Galvin does, and everything Mark B. sang on. 

Mark Miller: Mine is probably the first Despair 7 inch. Either that or the second No Reason demo, but there’s a ton of great ones...Buffalo style!

The Nickel City Soundtrack Podcast crew

Is there anything you’d like to add?

Chris Wyatt: Yeah, a huge thank you to anyone who has (or will) check it out. Listen to Kool Taj the GR8, Griselda, and every Buffalo hardcore/punk band ever. Buffalo Style forever. 

Mark Miller: We appreciate the support we've gotten so far and I can't wait for the Mark Bellanca interview to come out. He hasn’t been heard from in a long time and I think people will be listening intently to what he has to say.


Find every episode of Nickel City Soundtrack Podcast at this link.


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