Since We Were Kids: SoCal Skate Punks Revisit the Past on New Recording

Based out of the skateboarding hotbed of Southern California, Since We Were Kids have been melding their love for empty pools and melodic hardcore for several years now.

The trio have 2 full-length albums, multiple EPs, and tours already in the books, and though COVID has obviously slowed their gig work down, they've still kept busy in the studio.

Since We Were Kids are gearing up to drop a new EP fittingly titled Grind, and they've teamed up with director Billy Baker to make a music video for a track called "Disposable Bandwagon Subculture." Fans of the band will already know that the original version of the song appeared on Since We Were Kids' 2014 Skatecore EP.

This new take on "Disposable Bandwagon Subculture" will make you forget the original version:

“Disposable Bandwagon Subculture is from our first EP and it’s a universal favorite," says Dan from Since We Were Kids. "We figured let’s give it a more current version with a new recording and video. Billy nailed it!” 

Stay tuned to Irish Voodoo Records for information on the release date for the Grind 7-inch.

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