Infernal Diatribe: Maine Hardcore Band Offers Bleak View of the World on Surging Violence EP

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Maine has always been a sort of secret weapon for the larger New England hardcore scene, Boston may be the most prominent but Maine’s bands and the shows they play always have a knack for putting us to shame.

The Kave was the most important venue for putting the Pine State's hardcore bands up on a pedestal. Kathy Kave was responsible for not only bringing large acts to the Bucksport venue, but also putting local acts on a major stage. It seems like almost every aspect of hardcore is perfected in the woods of Maine and after years of development the scene seems poised for a serious boom. 

One of the darkest and most brutal newer acts to burst out of the Maine hardcore scene is Infernal Diatribe. Their vicious band name perfectly reflects the violent nature of the music they produce.

Beginning way back in 2016 with a hardcore/thrash sound akin to Ceremony and Carry On, Infernal Diatribe developed their sound into a heavier, more metalcore-driven sound. Culminating in the release of their Admission of Guilt album wich was released that same year:

“The name Infernal Diatribe came to fruition because I had a lot to say in a world that beats you down relentlessly," vocalist Camden told me. "That hasn’t changed and shit just gets worse by the day it seems like so the name feels more accurate now than ever before.”

Taking sonic cues from like Foundation, Disembodied, and Jesus Piece, Infernal Diatribe found their sweet spot and helped set a ferocious backdrop for Camden’s harsh descriptions of the worldview instilled in him.

“I’ve always written angry lyrics that are true to my feelings and experiences growing up from being bullied, having panic-inducing nightmares or sometimes not feeling like I have a place in this world. I think having a knife put to your throat by two dudes in 4th grade for no other reason than you’re smaller than them really gives you a new perspective that it’s a cold ass world and you’ve gotta be able to handle your own shit no matter the cost.” 

Infernal Diatribe capped off 2023 by releasing what has to be their definitive statement thus far, the Surging Violence EP.

As brooding and savage-sounding as their previous releases are, Surging Violence ups the ante, offering listeners the kind of forbidding sense of danger that you might experience walking the streets of a crime-ridden neighborhood after hours. That dread is channeled into the first few seconds of the EP via the ominous-sounding bass that opens the track "Traversal":

The title track follows with the same kind of heat, delving into matters concering the downfall of the world we’ve known, those who blindly fall in line and follow what they are told, allowing no formal discourse. Camden elaborated on the track's lyrics stating, “It's about those who are too brainwashed with what they read in a book or discuss in their cult and discredit anything that doesn’t fall in line with that, even if it means the downfall of everyone and everything around them.

"I don’t care what you believe in but when it gets to a point where your vision becomes so skewed it punishes those around you, those actions need to see consequences.” A lot of hardcore talks about ignorance in the world but this track follows a theme on Surging Violence as Camden points to specific areas where our world is going wrong and how it has basically already doomed us all to fail.

The band recently released cassette versions of the EP through Rottweiler Records, a label founded by Brandon Brown of Jarhead Fertilizer and Jordan Skipper. “We met Brandon of Rottweiler years ago with him living up here in Maine and Jarhead Fertilizer sharing members of Full of Hell, who we grew up listening to," Camden explained.

"Things lined up where we were able to link up and he’s become one of our best friends. Brandon and RR offered to put out our EP on tape and we’re eternally grateful for it.” 

Infernal Diatribe promoted Surging Violence with a raucous release show in Maine at the Apohaidion alongside Torn In Half, Gasoline Dream, and local heroes Gumskab. The small packed room made for what Camden has described as the bands favorite show they’ve played thus far as it made for an energetic and destructive set for each band.

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Already gearing up for more action in 2024, Infernal Diatribe will continue to play shows around the New England area and beyond. “We have a weekender to announce soon that brings us out of New England and we’re currently deep in the writing process for new music. We’re definitely filling the year with as many shows as possible.” 

The quartet recently announced that they will be hitting the road alongside Gumskab, Clock Out, and Slighted hitting Baltimore and Philly dates this month:

Infernal Diatribe would like to shout out: Brandon Brown and Rottweiler Records, our brothers in Gumskab & Torn in Half, Cheap Life, Portland Hardcore, all the venues that consistently put on hardcore and heavy music, Ian Ray, Shawn Robbins and everyone who’s supported and continues to support us.


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