Paprika: New Orleans Hardcore Punk Rippers Drop 2 Tracks from Debut LP (VIDEO PREMIERE)

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I first became aware of Paprika via a Sorry State Records distro listing that described their playing style as "dense, dark hardcore with inventive, complex riffing, vocals drenched in delay, and a mid-range-y guitar sound you can feel in your teeth." Accurate!

That was for the New Orleans outfit's 2021 demo, and last year's Smoked EP kept the campaign going with 4 more tracks of pure controlled chaos. If you want hardcore devoid of metalcore and death metal in its DNA, Paprika have you covered. 

Linking up with Iron Lung Records (Reek Minds, Electric Chair), Paprika are gearing up for the release of their debut album, Let’s Kill Punk. I'm honored to help present the video music premiere for the LP's title track and "Buzzzz," a one-two punch that whets the appetite nicely for the rest of the record.

The video was directed by John Toohill and Lindsday Tripp, and features live show footage filmed by Biff Bifaro:

Paprila vocalist Jeremy Jones sent me the following thoughts about the two songs:

"Punk communities can be beautiful places and there's so much to love there. But, there's also a lot of toxicity that thrives in those circles. It's important to think critically of the things we do and the communities we choose to take part in. 'Let's Kill Punk' is a song about that. 'Buzzzz,' the second song in the video, is simply about the buzzing feeling you get from a panic attack."

Let's Kill Punk will be out on March 29th via Iron Lung Records (pre-order).

Paprika will be hitting the American West Coast next month in the following cities:
4/20 - Phoenix 
4/21 - San Diego 
4/22 - Los Angeles
4/23 - Bakersfield
4/24 - San Francisco
4/25 - Oakland 
4/26 - Weed
4/27 - Eugene
4/28 - Portland 
4/29 - Olympia
4/30 - Seattle

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