Gumskab: Maine Hardcore Unit Keeps Furious Streak Going via “Foxhole” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Ian Ray

Gumskab have been helping to carry the torch for the Maine hardcore scene since debuting last year. Their demo and subsequent singles, plus live appearances, have helped cement their reputation as one of the loudest and proudest in the Pine Tree State in recent memory.

Delivering mosh parts alongside unbridled speedy and aggressive guitar riffs, Gumskab create a soundtrack for the highly caffeinated and attention-deficit hardcore heads in any crowd. Their most recent example was the song “Avarice” released back in September which featured fellow Maine dwellers Infernal Diatribe. If 2023 was their warm up, 2024 is the year Gumskab takes things up a notch (or three).

Setting the stage for the year, Gumskab will be releasing their new EP, Cut Your Teeth, on Maine’s Cheap Life Records, founded by Chris Linkovich of the bands Cruel Hand and Terror. Though no set release date has been decided yet, the band is teasing the EP via “Foxhole,” a ripping track featuring guest vocals from Victor Nguyen of Clock Out.

Gumskab will be releasing the song on digital streaming outlets tomorrow (March 8th), but they are giving No Echo readers an early listen through this "Foxhole" visualizer:

Speaking on the background of the track, Gumskab vocalist Nik elaborated: “'Foxhole' is a mess of a poem. The themes are religious/spiritual, dark, dogmatic, and downright ignorant. It's metaphorical, I'll leave it open for interpretation.

"The breakdown in 'Foxhole' was written intentionally with a big fuck you. I'm glad we got Vic to come in and encapsulate that feeling. Big ups to Clock Out, can't wait to rock with them soon.”

The Skab boys will be hitting the road this month with their friends in Slighted, Clock Out, Infernal Diatribe, and Hard Feelings, hitting up a few weekend dates in Philly, Connecticut, and Maine.

If you’re in the area be sure to catch them if you want to find out what Northeast Hardcore really has to offer this year.


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