Maniac: Clevo Hardcore Meets Touch & Go Records on “Live Crucifixion” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Todd Pollock

With a lineup of musicians who you might look familiar to you from their work in such bands as Restraining Order, Violence to Fade, Recycled Earth, and Think Again, I certainly had high expectations for Western Massachussets-based outfit Maniac. Formed in 2015, Maniac cook up hardcore with pure evil coursing through its veins.

This June, the group will be releasing their debut album, War & Insanity, on Rat Trax Records. Maniac vocalist (he also runs Rat Trax Records) Will Hirst hit me up earlier this week and blessed my inbox with "Live Crucifixion," a menacing cut off the forthcoming LP.

Will said the following about the track: “'Live Crucifixion' is our attempt to sound like The Promise-era Ringworm, if they were on Touch & Go Records. The rest of the record doesn’t really sound like this, so the song is special. Lyrically, the song is about the ugly side of the human psyche and self awareness. It's also about looking into the horrible aspects of your own personality and not repressing them like most civilized people do."

War & Insanity will arrive on June 29 via Rat Trax Records and can be pre-ordered on Maniac's Bandcamp page.

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