Colony Drop: New Band Busts Out ‘80s Thrash x Hardcore on “The Guillotine” (PREMIERE)

Photo: Ari Rosenschein

Listening to Colony Drop, it's not hard to imagine that the members of the band have been digging into a steady diet of Bay Area thrash, Wolverine Blues, and metallic hardcore.

Based out of the Pacific Northwest, the quintet formed in 2019 and is comprised of vocalist Joseph Schafer, drummer Eric Harris, bassist Ari Rosenschein, and the lead guitar team of Ryan Moon and B. Burton.

According to Schafer, Colony Drop got their band name from the classic animated science fiction series Mobile Suit Gundam, but interpret the name as a "general declaration of war against the forces of oppression." I dig that.

In this No Echo exclusive, we're bringing you a motherfucker of a Colony Drop track called "The Guillotine" that does a beautiful job of showcasing what these folks are about:

"Ryan, Ben, and I have been playing 'The Guillotine' in one form or another for about 3 years," Schafer told No Echo via email. "In some ways, it's the original Colony Drop song - succinct, riffy, built around a big shout-along chorus and mosh section. Ryan wrote the original prototype, and of all our songs I think it's required the fewest revisions; it just sort of 'worked' from the start we just had to tune it up without switching out any parts. Even the lyrics came fast and easy, which is a rarity for me.

"Those lyrics are about a section of the population who cause a great deal of suffering but almost never get called out for it - so-called Country Club Republicans, or pro-capital Liberals, people who vote based only on their own financial interests, and in so doing empower white supremacists, narcissists, and other noxious entities. The irony, of course, is many of these people claim to be Christian, but seem to ignore or compartmentalize the pieces of the New Testament that give them the mandate to care for the sick and the poor before themselves.

"I'm not religious, but admire parts of the Bible as an ethical guidebook, in large part because it puts so much importance on aiding other people. Complicating things further - many of these hypocritical people are our family members and loved ones. That's the twist in the song. 'How am I supposed to live my life when everyone I love deserves to die?' Headbang, I guess, and write pit bangers about it." 

The Demo will be out on October 1st via the Colony Drop Bandcamp page.

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