Last Agony Brings Forth Raw-as-F**K Hardcore on “Diabolism” (PREMIERE)

Inspired by "visions of a dark, doomed and fucked up world," Last Agony formed in 2017. The Toronto-based outfit specializes in a particular strain of raw-as-fuck hardcore punk they've mastered by studying the greats, namely bands like Anti Cimex, Extreme Noise Terror, and Lärm.

Featuring members from such groups as Absolut, Murder Squad, and Dragged In, Last Agony's discography has included a pair of demos and a self-titled 7 inch that came out in 2020 via Phobia Records.

Partnering with Oakland label Sentient Ruin Laboratories, Last Agony will be unleashing The Imminent Slaughter, their debut full-length album, next month.

No Echo is helping spread the word about the LP through "Diabolism," a ripping track complete with D-beat-kissed guitar riffs, blast beats, and a circle pit-worthy section that brought a huge smile to my face:

This is what the Last Agony had to say about "Diabolism" in a message to No Echo:

"The song depicts the ongoing hatred, pain, torment people experience every day from a fucked up system and corporate media outlets. It’s disgust."

The Imminent Slaughter will be released on May 7th via Sentient Ruin Laboratories on vinyl and cassette. You can also grab it digitally on Bandcamp.


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