‘90s Hardcore Week on No Echo

Illustration by Dylan Chadwick for No Echo

I'm psyched to present '90s Hardcore Week kicking off on the site today! I've been wanting to do this for quite a bit of time, so I'm happy to have finally pulled the trigger on the project. Starting today, we'll be bringing you a ton of '90s-related content revolving around all sorts of scenes and styles from the era. 

Since I'm 45, the '90s decade was big for me as not only a fan of the music, but also a musician (Black Army Jacket), and it's also the period when I made some of my best friends. So, yeah, it's very personal for me. That said, I've had a lot of help from outside contributors to the site who got involved with this project, all sharing the passion I have for the music and culture from the '90s hardcore scene.

While some of the pieces I wanted to for this week didn't end up panning out for various reasons (musicians, don't get me started!), I'm still excited with the stuff coming your way.

Also, how fucking cool is that illustration by Dylan Chadwick, aka Drug Dogs, above?!

Thanks for the support!
Carlos Ramirez


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