Choke Out: Western Mass. Metallic HC Band Unleashes Video for “Mechanized Order”

Photo: Gutter Shot

Everyone from Restraining Order to Grimlock to Deep Wound all came out of the Western Massachusetts, so it's no surprise Choke Out claim the region with pride.

The metallic hardcore unit have kept busy since dropping their demo back in 2019, keeping up a steady schedule of live dates and releases, including their debut album, Mechazined Order.

Now a part of the Patient Zero Records roster—alongside such bands as The Take, Iron Deficiency, and Grave Heist—the gentlemen in Choke Out are gearing up to release the long-awaited vinyl version of Mechanized Order.

Today, No Echo is helping premiere the Killing It Enetertaintment-directed music video for the title track to the LP:

Choke Out vocalist Tyler Blair shared the following about the song with No Echo:

"'Mechanized Order' is about everyone telling you to not follow your dreams or ruffle any feathers. To fall into the daily grind, becoming another cog in the machine. I wrote most of this album lyrically to be a character version of my self going through the motions. Suffering through various points in my life or dealing with getting older and people drifting apart."

The pre-order for the vinyl version of Mechanized Order is up via Patient Zero Records.

Hit the Choke Out Linktree to find all of their social media pages.


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